The housing market is trending towards a buyer’s market. The time is ripe to sell your home and get the best deal. Real estate sites are popping up out of nowhere as selling your home goes digital, but as technology changes the market—what are the best ways to place that Sold sign in your yard? Follow these methods to do just that.

First, create a virtual tour. You’ve heard of a pano photo, haven’t you? This is where you start the photo in one place, hold down a button on your phone and rotate your phone until you get to the second place. Then you click the button on the phone to stop. Taking a virtual tour is much of the same idea. It can be done with a video camera or phone, but go throughout each room filming it as you go. If you feel like it, explain the dimensions as you film. For instance, you may walk into the first bedroom and tell viewers it’s a 10x12 bedroom. Take them into the closet area and give the view out of the window, as long as 36-degree window. Think to yourself: what would I like to see in this room?

You may also want to take still photographs. This is where you take regular photographs with your phone or camera. Take as many as you can—from as many different angles as you can. Just as you did with the virtual tour, show them everything. This is going to effect whether you get 1 or 20 people interested in your house. Ask yourself how urgently you want to move out. If not soon at all, many people take less photographs or pictures of messy rooms. Yet, if the person is serious about moving, the pictures are cleaner and more focused.

Next, you have to put your house listing everywhere. It’s ok to put it in your local newspaper, but let’s be real. Ninety percent of home buyers aren’t looking in your local newspaper to buy a house. Where are they looking? They’re looking on sites like Craigslist, Zillow and others. There may be a real estate page for your community on Facebook that allows you to post your home listing—do it. The more you get yourself out there online, the more you have an opportunity to sell your house faster.

Don’t also forget to take pictures of the signage. This is the sign that appears outside your house. It includes your agent’s name and the company in which they work. If a buyer enjoys your interior and exterior photographs, they know who to contact for a home showing. This is free advertising for the real estate company. If you have a big back yard, and your house is on a corner lot, put up two signs. This way traffic will see you from both sides of your house. Check with your HOA before you put signs in the yard, however; some HOAs only allow signs in the windows.

Finally, if you’re selling your own house, advertise an open house. Invite the neighbors, advertising both online and through print media. Make sure to include your address and the open house times. Neighbors can assist with showing the house, explaining facts about each room. They would have eventually made their way over anyway, so allowing them to play a role will make the transition much easier. You may want to invite agents and brokers too. If you don’t have representation they may offer to represent you for a fee, but it may be worth it. Going digital with selling your house can make all the difference; follow these techniques and you’ll have it sold in no time at all!