5 Reasons You Should (or Should Not) Join A Cloud Brokerage

Dated: 06/18/2018

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eXp Realty is a fast-growing, powerful company that is structured to allow you to become a real estate agent, shareholder, and even a partner within the company. This business model has been a great opportunity for over 3,000 team members who continue to grow as agents, brokers, and more.

Are you an agent, but not sure if it’s the only avenue you want to approach real estate with? Here are 5 reasons why becoming an agent-owner cloud realtor might be the best plan for you—or not. Read on to find out all the pros and cons of this job option!

1. There’s endless growth in operations.

PRO: As our team continues to grow and expand to more areas, there’s a lot of growth within this business. The company was originally established during a slower, less secure real estate market. It’s built to withstand the ups and downs of the real estate market throughout the United States. For you, this means that there are very few limitations for where you can grow your professional operations.

CON: If you like knowing your ceiling, or the point of “making it,” this may not be for you. Our most successful broker-agents are aiming to always grow and improve within the company operations.

2. You’ll have flexibility in your job title within the business.

PRO: With eXp Realty, there are various options and job titles for you within the company’s teams.

You’re an agent and a broker, with the option to even become a shareholder. For you, this means access to real time investment, and flexibility to add to or change your job title.

CON: If you don’t look forward to the evolution of your job experience, and enjoy knowing there’s only job you can do within a business, this job is not for you.

3. The job involves collaborative work with a wide variety of colleagues.

PRO: You get to work with a team, virtually. The company has a variety of brokers and realtors who enjoy specific parts of the job. If you don’t like a specific task, or it’s not your strongest skill set, you can pair up with a team member to ensure it gets completed. This way, you get to spend your time doing what you love most.

CON: If you enjoy doing every aspect of the real estate industry, and want to do everything, this is not for you. We grow and get better as a company through the collaborative options each employee can access.  

5. You’ll be able to influence the business’s success and growth.

PRO: Since you have access to the people in your area, and have your own reputation established, the company will only help you continue to expand and grow. The more you grow and get connected with the community you serve, the more you influence the entire business’ success. It’s a powerful formula that we have in place: you’ll get to grow personally and influence your entire virtual team at the same time.

CON: If influencing a company’s success seems like too much responsibility or power, this may not work for you. All of the materials and support that we provide to our agent-brokers is made possible by encouraging rapid, continual company-wide growth.

5. You’ll get easy access to the latest innovative technology and tools.

PRO: There are countless tools that will help you reach the conversion rate you’re looking for. We’re always sharing the latest apps, programs, and online tools that will make your job run smoother and faster. For example, if you feel you spend too much time sending out email correspondence and updates, we have access to apps and programs that allow you to schedule such messages.

CON: If you like keeping everything old school, and are leery of new innovations, eXp Realty is not for you: we share the opposite opinion! There’s nothing wrong with certain long-lasting tactics and ideas, but technology only makes your job easier in the short and long term.

So there you have it: 5 reasons to join eXp Realty. And we haven’t even touched on the monetary value to this decision! We offer an 80/20 commission split, with a reasonable cap set. After you reach the cap, you receive 100% commission on all of your sales. While we’re already cutting down on your overhead costs, we’re giving you even more of the income!

As we continue to succeed, so do you. Contact the Melecia Johnson Real Estate today and to establish your own place within the business and find the team that works best for you!

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