Beach home trends in South Florida

Dated: 06/18/2018

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Beach homes are common among those that are wealthy. These are often homes that not only have a marvelous view of the beach, but are within a short walking distance. They may be directly on the beach or up to a quarter mile away from the warm, white sand and the calm surfing waves. If you’re in the market for a South Florida beach home, you’re going to want to know the latest trends. Here’s some key factors to look out for in your perfect beachfront property.

First, plan for your vacation home to be much larger and more elaborate then your full-time residence. The home should be a close version of your dream home. It should be more spacious and give you the relaxed feeling that you are looking for within a vacation home. For instance, if your full-time residence doesn’t have an open floor plan, look for it in your vacation home. You’re going to find that you pay a bit more but the it opens up your house more—giving more breathing room.

Another feature of beachfront homes is amenities. How many of us have basketball courts or tennis courts right outside our front door? Chances are this didn’t come with your home, but it can with your vacation home. The closer you get to the beach, the more amenities you have available to you. For instance, you may have 24 patrol of your neighborhood which gives you a secure feeling that your home will be well-watched over even when you are away. You may be close to the downtown district, have a clubhouse that features a sauna or a heated pool, or an area that features sports courts.

Likewise, you’re going to find that many beach houses are relativity new. If they haven’t been built recently, they more than likely have been renovated with updated wiring and appliances. Many of these beachfront homes, too, include their own washers and dryers. If you’re only staying in the home a few months out of the year, you’ll want a home that’s up-to-date on everything. The good thing about beachfront homes in Florida is that there is very little upkeep. There may be sand now and again, but this is easily swept up.

Why else should you buy a beachfront home? Quite frankly, the view. You get to wake up every morning with a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean. You get a front seat to astounding sunrises and gorgeous sunsets. The weather is much like the dessert, however; warm during the day and cool and night. But don’t let that bother you. The view should be enough to draw you to this beautiful state that has sunshine all year and is worth the price of living beachfront.

Finally, the more you pay for your beachfront home, the more you get out of it. Some beachfront homes have a doorman or maid service, while others have a sprinkler system or a sauna. Some have a balcony while other homes you walk out the door to the beach. It all depends on your preferences and how close you want to be to the water. Beach home trends are popular in Florida, but they run a wide scale. The lowest is around 500 thousand, while beachfront houses run into the millions. If this is going to be your part-time house, decide what amenities you need only for a few months. This will help you stay in budget and will help you work towards that warm winter tan.

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